As an independent developer & publisher studio, we are especially proud to have released our first smartphone game “Rubberduck Journey”.

Splash! The legendary rubber duck has fallen into a torrential river. It needs your help to skilfully avoid all obstacles and enemies.
Embark on an imaginative journey and discover extraordinary abilities as a super hero, unicorn, magician or even a police officer.
Defeat beavers, crocodiles and other river dwellers at unexpected turns.

· Experience an exciting blend of ACTION and ADVENTURE.
· COLLECT soap bubbles containing useful items.
· Use SPECIAL ABILITIES to get out of dicey situations!
· Upgrade the ABILITIES of your duck and become stronger!
· Start a DUCK FAMILY and take on the COMPETITION!
· Embark on a fantastic adventure with GREAT GRAPHICS and INTUITIVE CONTROLS!

Navigate varied landscapes including Ancient Egypt, deserts and solidified volcanic terrain!

Download this innovative runner action game and embark on a journey like you’ve never seen.